A Commitment to Excellence

Our Courses


Learning the theory and practice behind a variety of camera techniques for both still photography and videoing both in a state of the art photo studio and out in the city.

Art, Craft & Design

Learning something new each week. Trying lots of different art styles while exploring what my favourite artists are. Making a portfolio of art pieces that can exhibited or shown to employers.

Care Work

Working in small groups on both the theory and practice of a variety of roles within the health and care sector. Learning everything from safeguarding & child development to mental health and elderly care work.


Be practically involved in creating things. Learn about an in-demand trade. Repair things around the house. Learn about working on a building site. Learn about plastering or bricklaying.


Working as part of a small group in our fully equipped and industry standard garage on a variety of cars. Learn routine vehicle maintenance and repairs from steering and suspension to brakes and engine.


Training in a fully equipped salon, in a small group, learning and practising a variety of therapies and treatments from nail art, manicure, pedicure, skincare, photographic makeup, to waxing, facials and basic anatomy.


Training in a fully equipped salon, in a small group, learning to wash, dry, style and create hair-up looks, building up to cutting, colouring and artistic style.

Maths & English

Working in small groups of around 8 students, with enthusiastic and experienced teachers that teach maths and English, subjects some people find boring in fun and engaging new ways.


Work Safely in a Barbershop. Understand Client Needs, Cut and Shape Facial Hair Cut Men's Hair.