A Commitment to Excellence

What Is Hairdressing

Hairdressing is an exciting, fast paced, creative career path that evolves alongside the fashion industry and popular culture. As a hairdresser you will use your passion for current trends and styles to continually develop, practise and perfect your skills with a serious potential of high earnings or running your own business. Alongside being part of the fashion industry, as a hairdresser you will also be providing a valuable service to a variety of different clients from a range of backgrounds every day. This will provide you with many challenging and rewarding opportunities to showcase your talents, make your clients feel good and have plenty of fun.

A successful hairdresser in a this highly competitive industry has:

COMMITMENT: you will be continuously learning and developing your personal and professional skills

DETERMINATION: you will need to be able to think fast to solve problems and overcome challenges

STAMINA: you will work hard, standing up, for long hours


All this challenging work will pay off! Hairdressers play hard too! You will make friends, have fun meeting new people and being part of a team. You could travel the world, work in film or TV providing hairdressing services to celebrities or design and develop your own brand. The opportunities are endless.



Course Overview

Level 1 Certificate/Diploma in An Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector

  • Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector Presenting a Professional Image in a Salon

  • The Art of Dressing Hair Shampoo and Condition the Hair Plaiting and Twisting

  • Providing Basic Manicure Treatment, Skin Care, Provide a Basic Pedicure Treatment

  • Follow Health and Safety in a Salon, Create a Hair and Beauty image, Create an Image Using Colour in the Hair and Beauty, Working with Others in the Hair and Beauty Sector

Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing Services

  • Client Consultation
  • Working the Hairdressing Industry
  • Health and Safety
  • Shampoo and Conditioning
  • The Art of Dressing Hair
  • The Art of Colouring Hair
  • Create and Image Based on a Theme


Be creative. Make other people feel good. Style my own and other people’s hair. Be artistic. Care about my style. Would like to work in a hair salon.


Training in a fully equipped salon, in a small group, learning to wash, dry, style and create hair-up looks, building up to cutting, colouring and artistic style.


Both essential and employer desirable skills to work within a hair salon, as well as customer service guidance. An accredited qualification that at Level 2 could enable me to work within a salon or progress towards mobile hairdressing.