Art, Craft & Design

A Commitment to Excellence

What Is Art, Craft & Design?

Art, craft and design introduces learners to a range of intellectual and practical skills, giving our young people a curriculum that enables them to be engaged, inspired and challenged. 

Art, Craft & Design enables learners to use visual language to develop ideas, explore techniques and processes. To understand the properties of a range of materials and tools and to learn new and interesting creative techniques. It provides young people with the skills to think imaginatively and creatively and develop confidence in their own abilities and achievements giving them opportunities to  experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.

The skills developed through engaging in a creative curriculum, are transferable to all areas of life but can also be the first step to progressing onto higher education and ultimately to employment in the creative sector.



Be as creative as possible! Relax by drawing or doodling pictures. Be artistic! Try out new ideas through creating things. Learn new techniques of art and design. Make things with my hands. Try to be a better artist.


Learning something new each week. Trying lots of different art styles while exploring what my favourite artists are. Making a portfolio of art pieces that can exhibited or shown to employers.


An increased sense of confidence to explore and be creative myself. Accredited, nationally-recognised qualification in creative craft. A wide range of art skills within many different styles. The potential to go on to study further art and design courses.