Care Work

A Commitment to Excellence

What is health and social care?

When you work in health and social care, you will be working with vulnerable individuals. They will range in age from birth to elderly, they may have disabilities, illness or be vulnerable due to personal or social situations.

The bond between a health and social care practitioner and their client is special: You will need to be able to build a relationship and trust between you. So, it is important to be able to communicate the way they prefer, treat them in a person-centred way and help support them to achieve whatever they wish.


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Course Overview



Make people smile. Ensure that others around me are safe and happy. Play with children. Motivate people to be their best. Support those that need help. Better someone’s life.


Working in small groups on both the theory and practice of a variety of roles within the health and care sector. Learning everything from safeguarding & child development to mental health and elderly care work.


An increased skill set & confidence to help others. Broad, detailed knowledge of the health & social care sector. Skills & qualifications to become a carer, youth worker, support worker, nursery worker, care assistant or go on to work in mental health.