About Us

A Commitment to Excellence

Why Bridge Training?

Since being established in 1989, Bridge Training™ has worked with the belief that,  with the right teaching and the right environment, anyone can be supported to flourish and reach their potential; that anybody, regardless of background or past experience, can achieve success.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality education to those students who may have found that mainstream education, school or college might not have been right for them.

Our Vision

We work as one of the top alternative education providers in Gloucestershire, bringing an ever-growing range of vocational training, as well as the fundamentals of maths and English, to a setting that is supportive, flexible and learner-centred.

Our team of specialised and experienced teachers, tutors and well-being mentors are all dedicated to creating a friendly, supportive, safe and inclusive environment to maximise each learner’s individual journey.

Our Learners

Despite making our learning environments as welcoming, supportive, and safe as possible to create as little anxiety as possible, we understand that for some learners the classroom just isn’t right for them.

Bridge Training is able to deliver bespoke courses, in places to best suit a learner group: community centres, youth clubs, even local cafes.

We also work with home-educated parent-led groups, enriching and expanding on the education they already receive.